Sneak Peek: Emily + Eric { Baton Rouge Engagement Wedding Photographer }

I had such a great time hanging out with Emily and Eric over the weekend! Here’s a quick peek from their downtown Baton Rouge engagement session. I can’t wait to document their wedding in just a few short weeks!

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Munah - October 8, 2015 - 9:11 pm

DC is different? Yea, um, right. The gomernvent is flush with money right? I suppose as long as we let them keep printing it and people keep swallowing BS inflation numbers. There was an 15 story office building right outside DC beltway, finished in 1991, it was empty for about 6 years!If you don’t see DC prices falling, you are not paying enough attention. Stop listening to the media folks and see with your own eyes, comparing apples and apples. The shoebox house you could have bought for 550K back some years will now get you something pretty damn impressive just 5 miles outside the beltway. the bubble pops in the outer circle first and moves inward. If you are the exurbian super commuter type, you will find houses going for 40% of their top level prices with the next 2-5 years. House price = Land price + cost to build. Cost to build is going down with enhanced manufacturing automation and reduced demand for supplies. Wait until the far east boom subsides and the west enters the next recession. So that leaves land price, if you are in the nicest areas inside the beltway, OK, prices will be fairly stable. But the outlying areas still have ample land.Also, remember that in addition to civil service workers, most of the inner DC area is recent immigrants making 35K per year. The resets have just begun…

Jenny + Joel { zachary louisiana maternity photographer }

Here’s a quick peek at today’s maternity session with Jenny and Joel. I can’t wait to meet their precious little boy, Judah, in just a few weeks!

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Damon - October 8, 2015 - 9:00 pm

– Well I believe the Stockyards shots are all shot with: 85 1.2 and the orthes (collages) are shot with 24-70 2.8The settings are ALL different. Honestly even if I gave you an exact setting you couldn’t duplicate it because our lighting won’t be identical My ISO is anywhere from 200-500, depending on the place.Also some of these images look over-exposed on my computer now perhaps the resizing for web action or the fact that my kiddos’ skin is glowy white.March 8, 2011 4:10 pm

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